Our seasoned consultancy team is led by former WSET 3 sommelier and professional mixologist, Rupam who boasts more than 12 years’ experience working within the hospitality sector. The esteemed Rioja and Imbibe Sommelier competition winner first began to notice a disconnect between what customers wanted, and what businesses were able to provide, during a 3-year Management course in Calcutta. Since then, Rupam has been dedicated to designing radical new ideas to enable bars and restaurants to better engage with their customers and generate top experiences.


Rupam has had ideas and designs featured in several national and international magazines, and now works full time as one of the UK and India’s top bar consultants.


Together with the rest of the ‘dream team’, Rupam holds the experience, knowledge, and fearlessness that’s needed to implement change, challenge long-established processes, and deliver exactly what your clients want, before they know they want it.


For consultancy please email as – mail@orderweb.co.uk

Visit Rupam website – www.buzzingb.com